viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013


  photo LaRespuestaLosVigilantesFantasmesPosterWEB_zps8a6f3df8.jpg

Hello! Next week we are playing with one of our favorite PR bands and our brothers in arms, LOS VIGILANTES!! Show is at La Respuesta in our dear Santurce. 

              FANTASMES Y LOS VIGILANTES EN LA RESPUESTA 04.10.2013 from Fantasmes on Vimeo.

martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Fantasmes needs you. Help us fund our new 12" Record

Hello everyone. 

 We are very excited of being at the studio again, creating and recording what will be our next 12" EP release. To be able to complete it and meet our deadline, we humbly ask for some of your support. We wish to offer the best of ourselves. Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign. And if you feel like being part of it, please contribute. Any amount helps.

Yours, Fantasmes



Hello all. Some weeks ago we performed one of our new songs from our up-coming EP at one of our favorites spots in our neighborhood Santurce, Libros AC. With much pleasure we wish to share this performance with all of you. Thank you, always.

"Bare Bones" - Fantasmes Live at Libros AC from Libros AC on Vimeo.

Fantasmes SXSW 2013 Memoirs

A collection of photos from our past South by South West Tour.
March 2013 Austin, Texas. 

 photo 945927_10152241340351549_1116256069_n_zpsa1b1dee6.jpg 
 photo 941449_10152231675096549_310004817_n_zpsab650867.jpg 
 photo 944580_10152231675256549_575761637_n_zpsa8495756.jpg
 photo 941603_10152236963416549_1427227076_n_zps7f405697.jpg
 photo 945151_10152231683091549_177103560_n_zpsc61eebf4.jpg
 photo 942347_10152231676341549_1737686306_n_zpsc9cfb8a8.jpg
 photo 936589_10152236995666549_436968530_n_zps342e16a9.jpg
 photo 935687_10152231680501549_2065019531_n_zpsd3c7bca6.jpg
 photo 935787_10152236964041549_519661204_n_zps28c46ec0.jpg
 photo 321457_10152236961066549_1126176701_n_zpsb285e6ed.jpg
 photo 577541_10152231677801549_902136680_n_zps5232e76b.jpg
 photo 600834_10152231675761549_2119952500_n_zps8d5523d5.jpg
 photo 923550_10152231679381549_726315741_n_zps3b6bb3ae.jpg

 photo 375080_10152231679021549_1116081751_n_zps35b0394d.jpg
 photo 408381_10152236965121549_1687783190_n_zps73450064.jpg
 photo 321460_10152231678606549_51224534_n_zpsea82c699.jpg
 photo 484459_10152231683041549_1475611657_n_zps63cd1710.jpg
 photo 65613_10152241319706549_646213877_n_zps60bfacbf.jpg
 photo 317097_10152236964261549_1535391704_n_zps8eab5184.jpg
 photo 264544_10152231676976549_1726721156_n_zps3d4aeb99.jpg
 photo 320840_10152236963481549_1793084245_n_zps3e91b1f1.jpg
 photo 255642_10152231674926549_820579261_n_zpsbcc0ecf4.jpg
 photo 164922_10152231679106549_489407415_n_zps0031e2cd.jpg
 photo 309903_10152231679241549_2045176756_n_zps5f0fc07f.jpg
 photo 164205_10152231683601549_1298496919_n_zpsc9e1f1d7.jpg 

Pics by Fantasmes and friends

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012

The Velvet Underground Tribute Show

Hey. Next Saturday the 8th,we pay tribute to one of our favorites bands; The Velvet Underground . We'll be playing along with other local bands & solo artists. Show's Part of 'Hasta El Límite Sonóro' by El Grupo Giratorio.

Show's building up as a very fun one. We are impatiently looking forward to this show.

                                                                                                  Cartel tributo por Casa Fantasmes

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Where can I find Fantasmes' Redness Moon LP?

fan pic

Hello everyone! Well, it's simple. If you happen to be in San Juan or in New York City, you can either catch a train, ride a bike, walk or if you have to, drive a car to any of these places and get your own copy of our new LP Redness Moon. If you're far far away from these places and you want to have it sent to you, get it through Last Bummer Records. Ships Worldwide! Or if you want it right away, you can get a digital copy via iTunes or Amazon.

Here's the list:

Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY:

Academy Records
415 E 12th St
New York, NY 10009

Academy Records Annex
96 N 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

CO-OP 87 Records
87 Guernsey St.
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Santurce & Rio Piedras
San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Libros AC
Ave. Ponce de León 1510, Santurce

El Departamento de la Comida
Ave. Las Palmas, Santurce

Executive Manolo
Ave. Ponce de León 1416, Santurce

Ave. Ponce de León 1003, Rio Piedras


lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Fantasmes at Matchless, Brooklyn

 During our past US Northeast Coast Tour we had the opportunity of playing in a Sandy Relief Benefit Show. Nick Ray McCann, a photographer, happened to be part of the crowd and he sent us these.


Matchless Three

Show was lots of fun, met new people and heard other great bands.
Thanks for the photos Nick.