viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Dance in the Shadows Video Premiere





'Fantasmes is Mario Negron and Dario Morales—a washed out, psychedelic indie-rock duo. Coming from the secluded beaches of Puerto Rico, their sound is a dreamy haze of droning guitars and pulsating sonic grooves. Reminiscent of the days of yore, this duo has been compared to acts like the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth with their winding, hypnotic moods. With Redness Moon, which is being released on September 4th through Last Bummer Records, the album is complex and spellbinding in its lush movement of rippling rises and falls that envelops the listener in a transcendental sonic journey.'

                                                                                              -Anthem Magazine on Fantasmes Redness Moon

Hello Friends! Our new video Dance In The Shadows was recently premiered  by Anthem Magazine. It was filmed in Añasco, Puerto Rico by filmmaker Carlos Larriue 'Dede Ene'. It's our second video & single from our new album Redness Moon, out on September the fourth via Last Bummer Records. Along with the video, the good people from Anthem Magazine shared some great words about our new album and include a Q&A with us. 

Here's all of it.

And here's the video,
'Dance In The Shadows' by Dede Ene.

domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Red Moon Blue Moon

 Friends, next August the thirty-first, under the light of a full moon, both red and blue,
we'll be releasing our first full-effort, Redness Moon. We invite you to come gather,
and celebrate this event with us.  Event starts at nine pm. Space is limited to eighty.
At Taller-teatro Y No Había Luz, Santurce, Puerto Rico.



domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Redness Moon now available for Pre-order

                                                                                                                  Fantasmes Redness Moon Lp

 Hey! Our new record Redness Moon is now available for pre-order via Last Bummer Records. It will ship same day it's released, on September 4th. To all lands around the world. Album Photography by our beloved Mariola Rosario. Album Design by Eric Cumalander. Get it here.

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Redness Moon Test-Pressing Radio Listening



 Many friends from all around the world have been doing Redness Moon listenings and we are so thankful for it that we'll be hosting a very special listening for all of you. Tomorrow night 18th of August, we'll play on radio, with live web streaming, our complete Redness Moon Lp straight from a never-played-before test pressing. Together with our friends from the radio show Frecuencias  Alternas in Puerto Rico we want to gift you a listening of the album in its purest form. This only happens once.

Hope you can tune in and enjoy

Radio show starts at nine pm eastern time

Puerto Rico Radio:

89.7 fm (San Juan)
83.4 fm (Mayagüez)

Live Streaming:

(Click on the 'En Directo' button)

domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Redness Moon Literature Manuscripts

Hello dear friends,

 We want to share this with you, in our own handwriting and typewriting, the words and thoughts you will listen to on our album Redness Moon. For you to read, feel and sing with us. Arranged following album's same order. It is with much pleasure with which we humbly gift you our manuscripts.
                                                                                                                     Love, Fantasmes.

Cloud Prepositions
Redness MoonPlay It WrongDance In The Shadows
Monster's Mother
Let It RepeatToday Is StillTell Me/Nothing Is Wrong

RCRD LBL,The Deli & HighWire

Hello friends. This photograph taken by Mario La Rosario (Madrid,Spain) was chosen as Pic of the Day by RCRD LBL Magazine including some very nice words about our new album:

"If you like Tame Impala, you will like Fantasmes. Scratch that. If you like purple haze, if you like kissing, if you like the warmth of sun on your skin and the scratch of grass beneath your toes, you will like Fantasmes. The Puerto Rican psych team does all their ‘60s predecessors proud on “Redness Moon,” a swampy, reverb-heavy ride into dusk, billowing with lazy riffs, desert drums and hypnotic festival vox. Ready yourself for their upcoming album of the same name, out September 4 on Last Bummer. Trust us: you’re going to like it. A lot."
                                                                                               -Hillary Taylor for RCRD LBL

And there are more nice words about our upcoming release Redness Moon. Both Los Angeles' HighWire Magazine and New York City's The Deli Magazine reviewed it last week.

 Here are some of their words:

"What’s most interesting about Puerto Rico/NYC based band Fantasmes' latest album “Redness Moon” is not necessarily the obvious, but rather what is happening “underneath.” “Cloud Prepositions” emerges through a slow, purposeful, rising groove. Droning background pulses underscore prominent tambourine percussion, tubular-belled guitars and eno-esque treated keyboards..."  
                                                                                            -Dave Cromwell for The Deli
"The music of Puerto Rican duo Mario Negron and Dario Morales brings to mind the beach and the waves, the sun and the moon, of dancing blissfully under the stars around a crackling campfire, of picnicking in the mountains, surrounded by trees and smells and nature. Negron and Morales also delve into the landscape of the mind using effects to tweak our brains such as the monologue buried under the heavy blues stomp of Play It Wrong or the hard picked acoustic guitar swirls of Today Is Still, bells and there and gone wind instruments..."
                                                                                            -Bret Miller for HighWire Daze

Complete reviews here:

The Deli's Fantasmes 'Redness Moon' Review

HighWire's Fantasmes 'Redness Moon' Review 

(We greatly thank all who have listened and taken some of their time to write about Fantasmes. We really, really, really appreciate it.)

Redness Moon Release Show in Puerto Rico

Hello all. It was through the hands of a very close friend that this was delivered to our sisters and brothers from Y No Había Luz during their past stay at Bread & Puppet in Glover, Vermont:


Their answer: YES

This means we'll be celebrating a release show of our new album Redness Moon on Friday the 31st of August, second full moon of the month, only blue moon of the year, on their beautiful theater-workshop Y No Había Luz in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Album will be released everywhere else on September the 4th via Last Bummer Records.

All about it soon.