viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Redness Moon Test-Pressing Radio Listening



 Many friends from all around the world have been doing Redness Moon listenings and we are so thankful for it that we'll be hosting a very special listening for all of you. Tomorrow night 18th of August, we'll play on radio, with live web streaming, our complete Redness Moon Lp straight from a never-played-before test pressing. Together with our friends from the radio show Frecuencias  Alternas in Puerto Rico we want to gift you a listening of the album in its purest form. This only happens once.

Hope you can tune in and enjoy

Radio show starts at nine pm eastern time

Puerto Rico Radio:

89.7 fm (San Juan)
83.4 fm (Mayagüez)

Live Streaming:

(Click on the 'En Directo' button)

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